Our approach

To create exceptional places

At Calthorpe Estates we are working with our communities and stakeholders to provide exceptional, connected and evolving spaces for Edgbaston.

Encouraging young people

One of the prestigious sporting events is the international Nature Valley Classic that takes places at the Edgbaston Priory Club.  In recent years Calthorpe Estates has sponsored the Kids’ Day that attracts hundreds of local children who enjoy a free day of tennis, games and a chance to watch the tennis stars in action.

The team at Calthorpe Estates regularly gets involved with local schools based on the Estate and around the periphery, supporting community projects and class room initiatives.

Sporting success

Behind the scenes, Calthorpe Estates actively supports local facilities so they can be maintained and improved for generations to come.  For example, long term lease agreements for the Edgbaston Golf Club and Edgbaston Priory Club have helped secure their future.  Land around Pebble Mill is dedicated for sports with King Edward’s School now creating first class hockey facilities, which will also be used by the wider community.

Cultural Focus

Calthorpe Estates believes cultural activities help give the Estate its character and it actively supports the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre. There are also strong connections with the Elmhurst Ballet School, who are located on the Estate and act as a feeder school for the Birmingham Royal Ballet and Birmingham Hippodrome.

City connections

The team is very active with a number of city partners, including West Midlands Growth Company and Birmingham City Council.

By working in partnership, Calthorpe Estates strives to make a difference to the overall regeneration and prosperity of the city and support inward investment opportunities.

Building businesses

Through the Calthorpe Business Community (CBC), businesses on the Estate have a chance to meet regularly.

Calthorpe Estates coordinates a programme of events that are held at venues on the Estate and enable the local business community to catch up on developments in the area.

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