Edgbaston First

Internationally renowned leisure facilities

Our leisure attractions across the Estate are surprisingly varied, stretching from the internationally recognised sporting venues to award winning arts, cultural and leisure attractions.

Calthorpe Estates is home to a wealth of arts, sports, leisure and cultural attractions.

Within the Estate there are an array of international sport, leisure, arts and cultural attractions which attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Across the Estate you can watch world-class crickets players in action at Edgbaston Stadium or the see the pre-Wimbledon Nature Valley Classic Birmingham tennis tournament at Edgbaston Priory Club.

If that does not take your fancy, you can learn to play a range of sports from tennis, cricket through to croquet. Alternatively, you can view a range of masterpieces in one of our galleries or indeed sign up for a workshop to include pottery and jewellery.

Want something more relaxing, then you can unwind in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens or walk around the 80 acre Cannon Hill Park. After which you can enjoy fine food and a drink in one of our many quality eateries, delis and independent public houses across the Estate.

Edgbaston First shows you what the Estate has to offer, plus the wealth of offers and events available to you.

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