Edgbaston Village Attracts Local Priority Species of Bird

Edgbaston Village Attracts Local Priority Species of Bird

As the shoots of spring emerge across Birmingham, one village is introducing a number of environmental features to help attract local priority species of birds to the region.

Edgbaston Village, on the Calthorpe Estate, has taken advantage of its tree-lined streets to install a number of bird boxes. The Village is now home to open-fronted nest boxes and single sparrow terraces in the hope that these nesting sites will help to stem the drop in numbers of black redstarts and house sparrows, both of which are local priority species.

The open-fronted nest box have been designed to be used by a variety of species including robins, pied wagtails and black redstarts. Black redstarts migrate to Britain in the summer, and have a strong correlation with Birmingham and the Black Country.

The birds have already been meeting their new neighbours, with children from the nearby Norfolk House Nursery paying the bird boxes a visit.

Talking about the new installation, Alison Galbraith, Acting Nursery Manager at Norfolk House nursery, said: “We are huge advocates of the outdoor environment; there is so much children can learn from wildlife and the eco-system, which is why we take the children outside as much as possible.

“Nature is something that we should all be mindful of, and we believe it’s important for children to understand their natural environment. That’s why we’ve been taking the children out to see the bird boxes, and their inhabitants! They’re a great new addition to Edgbaston Village and we’re looking forward to witnessing lots of activity as the weather starts to improve.”

Calthorpe Estates recently introduced two beehives to home over 40,000 honey bees at its Pebble Mill development.  The bees are part of a nationwide initiative supported by Calthorpe and its property management consultancy team at GVA, the real estate adviser, to introduce bees to urban areas to help make a positive contribution to local environments.

Nicki Gibberson, Head of Marketing at Calthorpe Estates, said: “By increasing nature across the Estate, we hope it will encourage even more species to thrive and positively impact the wider wildlife community. Edgbaston Village has developed into a thriving leisure and lifestyle location over the last few years and we’re constantly looking at ways to further enhance features and facilities for the local community.”

To find out more about Calthorpe Estates, visit www.calthorpe.co.uk