Our vision

At Calthorpe Estates we are working with our communities and stakeholders to provide connected and evolving spaces for Edgbaston.

The team are place-proud and motivated by our family values and 300-year heritage, we strive to deliver excellence and distinction for the long-term, whilst responsibly enhancing our environment and making the estate accessible, inclusive, vibrant and ultimately carbon neutral.


We are motivated by our family values and the goal of delivering excellence to create great experiences for those living, working, visiting and engaging with the Estate. Part of our vision is to ensure every building meets the Calthorpe standard and is inherently flexible to provide excellent space for our customers and communities. Place-proud, we are constantly striving to create places to be proud of and which serve our communities across the Estate, we want Edgbaston to be Birmingham’s destination of choice.


Engaging with our communities across the Estate and understanding their needs is central to what we do, this enables us to establish lifecycle tenures within our different customer sectors . We strive to keep our communities safe, diverse and inclusive, in addition to creating a destination for leisure, lifestyle, arts and culture.


Calthorpe Estates is committed to enhancing the connectivity of the Estate at all levels, from transport through to exchange networks. We aim to take an Estate wide approach, enhancing sustainable mobility, promoting public transport improvements, improving modes of comms and wayfinding. Central to this is enhancing communication networks with and between our customers.


Expanding accessible green spaces, delivering sustainable and responsible developments are at the heart of what we strive to achieve. Property has been at the heart of Calthorpe Estates for over three centuries, we pride ourselves on evolving our heritage buildings and Estate to deliver relevant space. Every project we deliver is with current and future generations’ wellbeing in mind, and with the aim of becoming carbon neutral.

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