A world-class destination

Health and well-being are integral to creating thriving communities. Calthorpe Estates has created Edgbaston Medical Quarter - a world-class medical and life sciences destination; with the new private patient pathway it makes access to best in class healthcare easy.

Calthorpe Estates is home to Edgbaston Medical Quarter (EMQ), which boasts 64% of the city’s health care economy and offers a high concentration of assets – more than any other region in the country.

EMQ boasts a proliferation of over 180 medical organisations, 80 hospitals and specialist care centres, 44 GP clinics and routine care facilities and 23 training facilities. It is home to 27 life science specialisms with active research programmes and is the ‘go to’ destination for more cost effective and rapid clinical trials.

Located within walking distance of one another, many are at the cutting edge of world-class medical technology and involve leading practitioners and students from internationally renowned medical facilities including The University of Birmingham’s medical schools and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. EMQ offers an unparalleled blend of existing medical buildings and health care development opportunities, coupled with strong collaboration, research and clustering, supported by a knowledgeable and well-connected community, within a central location that is directly accessible from Europe, USA, UAE and the Far East.

Within EMQ, Calthorpe Estates developed Pebble Mill, a world-class healthcare and life sciences destination. For further details – click here

Calthorpe Estates is able to offer medical and clinical accommodation ranging from new build D1 operator focused clinics through to medical suites and individual consulting rooms.

New build sites suitable for the development of major new clinics and hospitals are available on a design and build basis, or as bespoke pre-let opportunity.

Cutting edge places to be treated

Edgbaston Medical Quarter offers some of the best and cutting edge places to be treated in the UK providing faster access to treatments and helping to save lives.

It has excellent medical facilities, with specialist care centres including:
Oncology: The Institute of Translational Medicine and Birmingham Centre for Clinical Trials takes the very latest research findings and progresses enhanced treatments for patients across a range of major health issues including cancer and liver disease.
Trauma: Royal Centre for Defence Medicine – the leading centre for dealing with military and civilian trauma cases.
Mental Health: The Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Mental Health.
Diabetes: The Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism takes a bench-to-bedside approach working closely with the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Addiction and eating disorders: The Addition Detox and Rehab Centre delivers the latest treatments for all forms of addiction.

For visitors coming to the area to be treated, whether with family or friends:
• The average hotel room rate for five star hotels is over 40% cheaper than London.
• It has best-in class leisure, schools and world famous sports and recreational facilities.
• Birmingham is one of the UK’s top retail locations.
• Very strong food scene and wide choice of places to dine, including Michelin starred restaurants.
• London is less than 80 minutes away by train.

Private patient pathway

Giving private patients and referrers choice and a bespoke service to access world-class UK healthcare in Edgbaston.

A beacon for medical excellence
Edgbaston Medical Quarter’s new private patient pathway offers a door-to-door service, for complex healthcare treatments within Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Private patients and referrers now have a choice of medical concierge options, with transparent costs, to access the best of UK medical treatments and affordable world-class healthcare.

Located in the heart of the UK, Edgbaston Medical Quarter is attracting renowned hospitals, specialist care centres and eminent clinicians. The area is a beacon for medical excellence and has become an ideal location for international and national patients to seek treatment and undertake rehabilitation.

Why get treated here
Edgbaston Medical Quarter, less than a mile from Birmingham City Centre, offers private patients healthcare excellence, value, and access to eminent clinicians and the latest cutting-edge treatments.

The medical facilities sit alongside thriving leisure and lifestyle communities, which means family members and companions can enjoy award-winning places to eat and a host of arts, leisure and sports facilities. It is also a culturally diverse and welcoming city, with beautiful green open spaces which are the perfect place to relax and recover.

The new medical concierge services deliver a bespoke service and have been designed to guide patients through every aspect of their needs and help to take the stress away.

Excellent facilities
EMQ has over 27 healthcare and life sciences specialisms, it offers some of the best and most cutting-edge places to be treated in the UK, providing faster access to treatments and helping to save lives.

Specialist treatment clinics
Many of the specialist clinics are within walking distance of one another, they offer patients access to some of the UK’s leading private clinics and eminent clinicians.

Specialist treatments are available for a wide range of conditions including oncology, orthopaedics, trauma, diabetes, fertility, mental health, addiction and rehabilitation.

EMQ is home to a wide range of other medical specialisms including cardiovascular, osteopathy, dentistry, plastic surgery, aesthetics, ophthalmics and physiotherapy.

Patient concierge services
The medical concierge services from Medstars, which sit alongside specialist medical travel agent, Meon Valley Travel, offer a bespoke door-to-door service. Tailored to individual needs, they help guide patients through every aspect of the medical treatment, whether choosing the right consultant or arranging travel logistics, accommodation, lifestyle requests, right through to rehabilitation and repatriation.

Rehabilitation and recuperation
EMQ is the ideal rehabilitation and recuperation location; it is home to a range of specialist rehabilitation clinics. In addition, the area sits alongside a vibrant leisure and lifestyle destination with award-winning restaurants, world-class sports and shopping facilities, arts and cultural attractions, and over 570 parks with green open spaces.

The benefits

  • Choice of medical concierge and specialist travel services – offering bespoke services with transparent costs, to help take stress away from patients and referrers.
  • Easily accessible location – located in the centre of the UK, Birmingham with its international airport offers direct flights from over 150 world-wide destinations including UAE, USA, Europe, China and the Far East. It is at the heart of England’s road and rail network; London is 80 minutes away by train.
  • Wide range of accommodation – to suit individual patient needs, from high-end boutique hotels and 4 star luxury hotels, to serviced apartment and homes for families and longer stay patients.
  • World-class hospitals and clinicians – Birmingham is home to over 180 hospitals and special care clinics, offering the best of UK healthcare, at affordable costs.
  • Patient recovery and rehabilitation – the ideal location for rehabilitation, with a choice of specialist rehab centres, which sit alongside a vibrant leisure and lifestyle destination with green open spaces.
  • Repatriation and post treatment follow up – specialist travel and medical concierge services help to ensure patients are safely repatriated and receive follow up post treatment.
  • A vibrant, diverse and welcoming location

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