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Calthorpe Estates is pleased to announce a partnership with Beryl Scooters to bring them to Edgbaston. The introduction of Beryl Scooters marks a shift in sustainable urban transportation choices and improves connectivity. With a focus on safety, sustainability and community collaboration, Beryl Scooters is leading the way in revolutionising how people travel within city limits.

The introduction of scooters will allow visitors and residents of Edgbaston to have an innovative, eco-friendly transport option to travel into and out of Birmingham City Centre. Together with the Midlands Metro the Beryl Scooters provide another sustainable method of connecting Edgbaston Village to the wider Birmingham community..

There are four locations where users can find a Beryl Scooter on the Estate:
– Natwest Car Park at 30A Harborne Road.
– Edgbaston Village Walk near the Edgbaston Village Metro station
– Pebble Mill opposite the Birmingham Dental Hospital
– Islington Row at the junction with Frederick Road

The impact of ‘Beryl Scooters’ in England has been impressive. Over 1,200 scooters have been deployed, resulting in more than 1.3 million journeys. With nearly 160,000 riders taking advantage of this innovative transportation solution, Beryl Scooters has made a significant impact on urban mobility.

Not only does the adoption of e-scooters offer convenience and flexibility, but it also has substantial environmental benefits. The trials have contributed to a reduction of 240 tonnes of carbon emissions, with approximately 379,500 car trips replaced by e-scooter journeys. This significant carbon saving helps to combat air pollution and move towards a greener future – aligning with Calthorpe Estates’ mission to hit net zero carbon by 2050.

Haydn Cooper, Chief Executive of Calthorpe Estates, commented ‘We are delighted to be partnering with Beryl Scooters on our Estate because e-scooters improve connectivity both within Edgbaston and the wider city in an environmentally friendly way’.